How to balance human workforce and tech in upcoming AI driven era

Whether you like it or not, AI driven change is coming. It is going to take IT industry and other industries by storm. It is going to have a transformative impact in all parts of life.

Who should be concerned about this upcoming AI evolution? Employees will be concerned about their position in such a future. Some facts and ideals unveiled later can be upsetting to a few. It is the employers who should know how to prepare their employees to work with artificial intelligence.

Will AI create human augmentation or human redundancy remains to be seen. We can safely guess it’s a bit of both. Some of the areas would need additional human workforce. Machine like mundane jobs should come to an end. It is the individuals with the right skill set, who will prosper.

Some part of AI adoption is already over. We are having talks of driver less cars. Some bots are serving as virtual assistants for companies. Fraud and anomaly detection is now done by automation rather manual checkup. AI solutions are available in various forums including machine learning, decision making, speech recognition, automation and natural language processing. These are the concepts that existed since the early days of Artificial Intelligence.

AI may either put jobs in IT industry at risk. Or, it may change responsibilities of the employees for the better. Companies have the potential to accommodate for rapid growth of AI as well as their gigantic workforce.

Best way to approach the futuristic change for companies is to invest in their employees. Pay for their education along lines of automation, machine learning and other departments of AI. Companies cannot go all in, without achieving a balance between human workforce and technology. Machines without input from a man can’t succeed for long term. Companies which understand this and invest wisely will put themselves in amazing position for long term.

Organizations need to make apt learning resources available for their workers. They should focus on skill developments of their employees. It’s high time, the companies dedicate a portion of their revenue for reskilling staff.

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