ProChimps is your unique and reliable partner for recruiting. You will have access to highly qualified and motivated Technical Professionals. Specialised in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. ProChimps works at low cost, straightforward, structured, efficient and professional manner.

Recruiting - Employers Target


Focussed on a Specialised Audience

Our registered database of job seekers is made up of technical professionals, technicians, engineers and other technical specialists. Whose main interest is only in technical job openings in science, engineering and technology.

A vacancy that is advertised on our portal will therefore directly reach a targeted audience and will not get lost among other irrelevant jobs.

Employer checklist


Total exposure for job listings

A specific email with the job details is sent out to our database of technical professionals as soon as a job is posted.

Our weekly email newsletter will provide continuous exposure to job listing, providing list of current available jobs to our database of applicants.

Recruitment - Best Hire

Employers can attract the best hires thanks to our unbeatable recruiting services

Employers can opt to advertise one job at a time or choose from one of our attractive packages for job postings. Whatever the option – there are no other hidden costs.

The advert/s will remain active until the position is filled. If an employer fails to hire a candidate after the first round of interviews, the job advert can be reposted at no extra charge.

Additional Services that are offered by Prochimps.com

  • CV search access to Employers
  • Customised mailings to candidates from Employers
  • Manual search by Prochimps.com Team through database for  candidates
  • Fine-tuning of Employers’ job descriptions by Prochimps.com team

Recruiting - Employer Dashboard

Easy to use job dashboard

Employers are given access to an online job dashboard.

The dashboard is a structured system wherein applications received will be automatically stored in an organised manner. This will enable employers to track the number of candidates who have applied in response to the job advert.

In the dashboard you will be able to directly read the CV of the applicant.

As an introductory offer,
for the first three months, employers can post up to 10 adverts for free.



Register as an employer

Create an employer account on our portal.  After registering, you will have access to your jobs dashboard. There you can manage job postings or applications being received.


Create a job posting

Select whether you are looking to employ a full- or part time technical professional. Or an intern, then specify the details of the technical job postings by filling out our simple online form.

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