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Google bans Gab and here’s why…

Gab came along as the right wing twitter rival. It was accepted in Google Play Store earlier. It became the natural choice for racists and rightwing trolls. Gab describes itself as the ad free social networking app for people like you and me. It was devoted to providing uncompromised free speech opportunity online. Their site hosts a long list of controversial right wing trolls. Gab was founded by Andrew Torba, an outright Donald Trump’s supporter.

Earlier this week, Google announced its ban on Gab. The app was removed from its play store. It was banned on grounds of violating policies against hate speech. It is interesting to note that Google has followed Apple’s footsteps here. Apple banned this app originally based on its version of anti-hate speech policies. It was also banned on grounds of allowing pornographic content to be posted in the service, in its second rejection.

Gab restricts child pornography and threats. However there is no policy against attacking a race or ethnicity. Racists and trolls took advantage of the leeway and blasted with attacks and threats. It became a commonplace for attacks based on gender, race and ethnicity.  Since negativity spreads fast, this app got a lot of followers in its short stint. The developers gave that space as a commitment to free speech. Google has banned this app following bad behavior from its user base.

Google has mentioned its terms and conditions concerning with comeback of this app. It stated all developers have the opportunity to appeal against suspension. Thereby, there is a chance to have their apps reinstated. The developers of Gab need to address policy violations and they need to make sure the app is compliant with the Developers Program Policies. While Twitter bans hateful content by policy, the site doesn’t execute it really well. The site hosts accounts such as Ku Kux Klan and American Nazi party.


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