Optimizing your online presence

You are probably already into job hunt. You can’t deemphasize the need for making right first impression. It’s important to put your best out there. You would ideally do everything to hide or minimize your flaws.
These factors should apply to your online identity too. Days of postal communication are long gone. You apply to jobs through the internet. Your prospective employers would look into your image on World Wide Web.
What they find while searching your name on Google, matters. What results social media throws for your name, matters too. It is essential to know how to manage your online identity. Follow these four steps to manage a terrific online identity.
1. Know your digital image
Search your name on Google, Yahoo and Bing. All three popular search engines may show different results. You can add city name or company name to your full name. Focus on first page of results, since this is what most people see about you. Click on Images to see what image results come through for your name.
2. Subscribe to alerts
After viewing the results and finishing up with unwanted cleaning up process, it’s time to concentrate on setting alerts. Turn on email notifications for the search engines. Keep track of potentially damaging content updates for your name.
3. Analyze social media accounts
Our social media accounts can be turn out to be our biggest enemies at times. Your future boss wouldn’t appreciate seeing your party pictures. Go through all social media accounts not limited to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter and delete posts that damage your reputation. If you are tagged in undesirable content, remove those tags.
4. Sharing is caring
Not just clearing your negative posts, adding positive content is important too. Make creative posts and share them on Twitter and Facebook. It’s always worth it to purchase URL of your name. A simple one page website featuring links to your social media accounts would do the trick. Leave nice comments on top level blogs using your name and profile picture.
Follow these steps to optimize the benefits your online image brings you. Do not let your online presence stop you from getting your dream job.

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