Team of Latina teen girls develops solar powered tents for homeless people

Rising issue of homeless population

Homeless population is a problem for nations and societies. Even super developed countries like USA face this problem. It’s nearly impossible to solve the issue in near future. We can still address the issue and make life a little better for homeless. We can make their living warmer and safer.

Backpack tent combo

A dozen teenage Latina girls have come up with a kind of solution. They give a ready to carry home for the homeless. They invented a backpack which doubles up as tent. To top it, the tent is powered by solar energy. It will aid the homeless community in a huge way.

Inventing was the only helping option

Daniela and her friends wanted to help the increased homelessness of 36%, but they didn’t have the money to give. Coming from low income families themselves, they tried offering something besides money. They taught themselves 3D printing tech via internet videos. They turned inventors to present this solar powered backpack slash tent.

Presentation at MIT

The girls are presenting their invention at MIT’s Eurekafest. It is one of the largest annual events where people showcase their inventions. Lemelsom MIT program provided a grant of 10,000 USD to the girls for bringing their idea to reality. The girls have partnered with LA based nonprofit, DIY Girls. It is a nonprofit that aims to support and mentor female inventors in STEM field. It raised 15,000 USD to send the team to Eurekafest.

Diverse pool of talents

The team of girls is the kind of humanitarian inventors, whom the society needs. They are clear about anyone can become homeless, if their parents miss X amount of bills. The 12 teen girls are educated across different fields. From programming languages to lighting works to 3D printing, there are well versed in variety of tech.



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