Translate One2One – Upcoming earpiece translator

Upcoming launch of Translate One2One

How many times were you annoyed by the lack of your linguistic skills while watching a foreign movie? It wouldn’t happen again in the future, thanks to the upcoming earpiece. The Translate One2One ear piece will translate every whisper.

About the device

The device from Lingmo would cost 179 USD. The device employs machine learning technology for translation works. The Australian makers made it available through IBM Watson NLP platform. It gets its queries solved within 3 seconds.

Plenty of features

It is one independent earpiece. It has built in 3G connectivity. The earpiece doesn’t require Bluetooth or WiFi to get translation successfully done. In the beginning it will support US English, UK English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and German.

Tackling pronunciation hurdles

It has the wits to handle the common stumbling blocks in translation. It can tackle contextual challenges in common languages. It can understand the local dialects and slangs. The syllables can vary to a great degree in any language. Spanish LL could have different pronunciations such as “y”, “sh” or “j”. South Africans often pronounce J as “y”.

The only catch is that both the speaker and listener will require a device each for translation to work. We can soon expect an upgrade on that. Instead of converting phrase by phrase, Google translation works by translating the entire sentence these days.

App for smartphones

Shipping of the device starts by July. Apps for smartphones will make its way too. It enables you to tap into smart translation on the go. The system keeps learning, so the accuracy is going to keep improving.

Plenty of companies are following suite. Pilot earpieces from Waverly labs are on its way. In wearables, we have the upcoming lli from Logbar, a Japanese company.

About the company

Lingmo is the brainchild of Australian based company, Lingmo International. It was driven by need for a reliable translation app. They are determined to provide timely and accurate translation for text and voice.

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